FMCC President honored as Iconic Pioneer of Minority Business Development in DC

On October 18, The Construction Alliance honored Jose Rodriguez, Fort Myer Construction's President, among the three pioneers of the movement to improve and empower District-based construction and com...


2017 marks 45 years in business for Fort Myer Construction. We celebrated this milestone by creating a video featuring our amazing team and the pride we take in safety, diversity, and excellence.

Fort Myer furnishes a variety of mixes from its two D.C. asphalt plants, utilizing recycled asphalt to the fullest extent.

Fort Myer invites pre-qualified subcontractors to submit pricing on Fort Myer bid proposals. A list of bids upon which Fort Myer's estimators are preparing is available on this website. Subcontractors are also invited to enroll in email alerts concerning new bids.